A Plan We Believe In.

It is now the day after my beloved Packers had another devastating loos in the NFC Championship game. This time to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Today many fans are angry and blaming everyone from the coach(es), to Aaron Rodgers, to the defense, to various individual players to on and on.

When things go wrong everyone is looking for excuses. Someone has to be to blame.

I personally don’t know what to say after another loss like that.

Matt LaFleur, publicly has said he found a defensive call at the end of the first half inexcusable. It seems the coaching staff were not on the same page.

This has some implications for investors to understand their plan before bad things happen. Many investors feel they should always be in the hot asset classes and nothing else.

These investors are really nothing more than speculators.

Things will eventually go bad. We must have a strategy we believe in and have the discipline to follow our plan.

There is no strategy that will always outperform. Unlike the NFL we must be more concerned with long term performance and less concerned with short term volatility.

Perhaps we should follow the lead of successful pension plans. Control risk and have realistic long-term expectation.

You will need the help of an investor coach/fiduciary adviser.

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