Absolutely Nothing!!

It seems everywhere we look there are predictions of the future. Many are the top experts in their field. Many have been right in the past. Some just keep trying to convince us that this time they are right because…… Despite the dismal record of these ‘expert predictions’ we continue to seek out answers regarding their future. I’m sure why? But we do. Myself, included.

As to investments here are some of the predictions I have recently read:

  • ‘The bull market is 10 years old and due for a correction’
  • ‘Five reasons the market will go down’
  • ‘Five reasons the market will continue going up’
  • ‘The economy is showing signs of weakness’
  • ‘The economy is stronger than ever’
  • ‘these 10 stocks are ready to advance strongly’
  • These 10 stocks should be avoided’

Well guess what. One or more of these will be true. The problem we have is we have no idea who it will be.

We will see the headline prediction and if it is in line with our thinking, we will read it. We do this to reinforce our beliefs.  But what good is it? Absolutely nothing.

These predictions are made for gamblers and speculators. These individuals are interested in short term movement. They want to avoid all downturns and participate in only the upturns. The seek stock market returns with treasury bill risk. What they end up with is treasury bill returns and stock market risk.

Well if you want stock market returns you need to deal with stock market risk. You cannot have one without the other. And you need stock market returns to grow your money and keep up with inflation.

To reach your financial goals you need a plan or process and discipline. We are unable to accomplish this on our own due to our emotions. As I said we are bombarded with daily predictions from multiple sources.

So in order to successful invest for the future, we need to fire our broker/agent and hire an investor coach/fiduciary adviser.

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