Americans Savings Habits Remain Unchanged

Americans need to realize that they and they alone are responsible for their own financial future. The need for an investor coach has never been greater.

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Americans should keep in mind three basic tips to save, Salisbury said: Set a goal, make a plan and save automatically. Employers can help with this plan by using automatic tools such as payroll deductions, automatic enrollment and automatic escalation, he added.Having a plan is important because those with a savings plan are more likely to spend less than their income, Brobeck pointed out.

Jeanne Thompson, vice president of Retirement and Market Insights at Fidelity Investments, suggested that in addition to saving, employees should avoid cashing out their retirement plans when changing jobs and should also choose an investment strategy that works best for them.

Without a plan to save Americans will fail in reaching their long term financial goals. This holds true for your portfolio as well. You need a prudent portfolio customized for YOU and the discipline to stay on course. This requires a guidance of an investor coach. Someone can help develop your strategy and help you control your emotions.

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