Dealing With Crisis….

As we begin month number 5 in the coronavirus crisis and month 3 in the social protests. Many of us are dealing with each crisis differently. Some believe we should be required to wear a mask anytime we are in public. Many believe we should be able to choose if the mask if right for us.

The media shows us the social injustices in America on a daily basis. But ignore the violence and the riots. One politician believes the violence and riots are a myth. We as Americans need to observe what is going on and decide to handle the situation.

It seems everything today is being politicized. What will happen as a result? I have no idea. In the end the coronavirus will be resolved. Whether thru acceptance or a cure.

But what does this have to do with investing? Well, there an abundance of predictions. Some with valid points. Some not so much.

As in the investing, there no shortage of predictions. What the media neglects to inform us is that they have no idea which predictions will be found correct.

The investing world has an abundance of different opinions. The problem for investors is that no one can tell you which ones will be found correct.

OK I do not have a solution for the coronavirus nor the protests. However, I do have a recommendation for proper investing.

Own equities with the correct amount of high-quality fixed income, Globally diversify, Rebalance. To insure success hire an investor coach/fiduciary adviser.

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