Do You Know The Right Things About Investing?

Local weather forecasts have been lacking in accuracy as of
late. This last weekend the forecast called for 8 to 12 inches. Thankfully we
only receive 3 inches with extremely high winds and severe drifting. With this
inaccuracy people continue to watch the forecast. A flip of the coin might work
just as well. Right now I am extremely tired of moving snow. Not sure where to
move it when we get more!!

Many individuals in the investing public also continue to watch for forecasts. Sometimes they might be right. But for the most part the flip of the coin might do just as good of a job.

Like anything to formulate a forecast you would need all the facts.

No individual, committee, or money management company can ever hope to know “everything” about investing.  All of the facts, data, statistics and information about stocks and the market are infinite. 

They are also ever changing.  The free market system itself is the only mechanism known to effectively incorporate this into a pricing system. 

The good news is, if you know the guiding principles of successful investing and work with a coach, you don’t have to know everything.

You just need to know the right things. There will be times when you do not do well. However, over the long term, if you remain disciplined you will succeed. And reach your goals.

No one can consistently predict the weather or the equity markets. Although I wish the groundhog is right and we have an early spring. We’ll see.

Along with discipline you will need a proven process. This process includes own equities with the right amount of high quality short duration fixed income.….globally diversify…..rebalance.

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