Information Is Toxic!!

We receive information from a variety of sources today. It used to be newspapers. I know what’s that? Now its primarily social media.  It used to be the nightly news. Again,now it’s primarily social media.

No matter how you receive your news, whenever it involves investing it is invariably toxic. And will lead you to make emotional short-term changes.

  • Emotional decisions are seldom the right ones.
  • The world and the stock traders are watching. 
  • As always Wall Street does not like uncertainty.

The nightly news, daily stock market shows, and cable news and now social media focus on variability to get your attention.  They bombard you with the equivalent of “noise”. Short-run data and statistics that are useless. 

Paying attention to the short-term market fluctuations and ‘newspaper’ headlines will completely disintegrate your peace of mind and ultimately your portfolio.

The reason many prefer investing in real estate is there are no noticeable short-term fluctuations in price.  You cannot look up the value of your real estate property on a daily basis.  You treat it like a long-term investment, which it is. 

The stock market should be treated much the same, by ignoring short term volatility and the daily news reports.  By following a prudent process and strategy with your investments you will succeed in the long run.

Stop trying to control something you cannot control.

To succeed in investing for the long run you must own equities….globally diversify…..rebalance.

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