Investment firms pulling out all stops against financial adviser rule change

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It is well documented that 401(k) plan sold by insurance comapnies and stockbrokers tend to be the most expensive in the industry. These business models are designed to sell product to the plan participants once the plan is sold. Although not all insurance agents or stockbrokers are deceptive there is no assurance that the conflict of interests are in the best interest of the employee.

In a statement to The Hill, Phyllis Borzi, Labor’s assistant secretary for EBSA, said investigations by Labor, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Government Accountability Officeand others show that conflicts of interest for financial advisers result in lower returns and higher fees for investors.“Conflicts of interest and a lack of accountability are widespread in the marketplace for retirement advisory services. An adviser’s compensation is often directly tied to the specific investment recommendations that he makes, and there is a real danger that the adviser’s recommendations will not be based solely on the customer’s interest, but instead will reflect the adviser’s own financial self-interest,” Borzi said.

“Simply put, we are seeking to protect the millions of employers and small-business owners, workers and IRA holders who rely on investment advice by working to address these conflicts. We think this effort has merit and we are committed to getting it right.”

The fact that both Democrats and Republicans are opposed to the fiduciary rule. Is this because the financial services industry is lobbying both sides of the aisle? Why?

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