Listen To Your Coach!!

It’s a sad day for the Wisconsin Badger men’s basketball team. So close to a national championship only to lose. We can all look for reasons for this loss. Bad officiating, bad decisions by players, who wanted it more? Coaching mistakes? The list goes on and on.

English: 2009–10 Wisconsin Badgers men's baske...
English: 2009–10 Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team and 2009–10 Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team shake hands after their game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even the ‘expert’ analysts were all wrong. Every one of the analysts picked Wisconsin to win. And each had their own reasons for choosing Wisconsin. This could be similar to stock pickers. If every ‘expert’ chose a particular stock or asset class you would be inclined to go in that direction. After all how could all these ‘experts’ be wrong.

This just proves that like sports, investing in equities or any asset class is random and unpredictable. Yet investors and sport fans continue to watch and believe the ‘experts’.

On another note it may be additional proof that a coach is vital to a successful outcome. An ex Duke player, Christian Laettner, when asked prior to the game, what Duke needed to do to win. He stated listen to your coach. And do whatever he tells you.

Investors should follow this same advice. Find an investor coach/fiduciary adviser and listen to them. It is during times of great stress that we make emotional decisions. Your coach will keep you grounded and keep you focused on your plan.

As a Badger fan, I am disappointed in the results of last night’s championship game. But I enjoyed the ride. Even with the best of coaching sometimes the results can be disappointing but that is no reason to abandon your plan.

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