March Madness!!

Apparently, It may set a record for upsets. There were a large amount of them Including only the second time in history a 15 seed has made it to the Sweet sixteen.

If you watched any of the pregame shows you will notice how many of the ‘experts’ got it wrong. Personally, my pool ended when Illinois and Ohio State lost. So much for Big Ten allegiance!

At the beginning of the tournament the selection committee ranks the teams. Number 1 seed have the best chance to win and 16 seeds are considered the least likely to win. Well, the committee had some misses actually quite a few misses.

The broadcasters then took their turn at predicting with similar results. Not good. It turns out predicting the future is hard….really hard!!

We see the same things occurring in the financial world. Predicting the direction of the market is foremost the most popular. Then its stock picking.

What we see are similar results to the March Madness predictors. Hit and miss…mostly miss. When they get it right it is a matter of luck and not skill.

We need to learn that to succeed with investing we need to develop a proven philosophy and stick with it. Our strategy involves Nobel prize winning concepts that are proven over time to result in positive outcomes. LONGTERM.

Unlike my March Madness pool which had a disappointing end. Investing goes on. Predicting the future is really hard. Your financial future is too important to rely on luck and the Wall Street bullies.

Find an investor coach/fiduciary advisor to guide you.

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