More Predictions..

The coronavirus crisis continues to paralyze our lives and cripple our economy. As always with every crisis comes predictions….lots of predictions. Now its from sports…when will the NBA start? When will MLB season start? When will the NFL season start? Will there be fans allowed in the stadiums? If so will fans show Up?

When will the restrictions end or begin to be relaxed? When will our economy open up? How will this affect the stock market?

The predictions will continue to grow. In fact, you can have an opinion on any subject and find some facts to validate your opinion.

What we must remember is that predicting the future is really hard. The future is random and unpredictable.

Especially when it comes to investing and the equity markets. There is no one capable of predicting what will happen next. We will continue the hear of someone who made a prediction and was correct. Which by the law of averages, someone will be correct.

Unfortunately, the Wall Street bullies will prance someone if front of you that made a correct prediction. They will then try to convince you that his current predictions will also be correct.

This is the game they play. This is how the Wall Street bullies convince investors to trade in and out. By this stock or that stock, because……

As investors we need a prudent plan and remain disciplined to that plan regardless of any short-term volatility.

As with the current COVID 19 crisis we need to ignore much of what the media tells us. What and how will the crisis end? And and it will end. I have no idea. Will everyone eventually be infected with some form of the virus?  I do not know.

I do know that eventually our lives will go back to something resembling normal. Maybe the new normal.

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