Most Baby Boomers Will Work for Life

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There is no substitute for disciplined saving and strategies. A certain portion of your earnings should be deducted for retirement before you start spending. The question becomes’What if I live?’.

Many baby boomerswill continue to work after retirement. The decision to work during the traditional retirement years may be a choice or beyond our control. We may want to work in order to stay busy or we may need to work to replace savings lost in recent years.Retirement USA recently calculated a very scary number representing the gap between where retirement savings should be and how much Americans actually have. The total deficit was estimated to be $6.6 trillion dollars. In many cases, senior citizens will have no choice but to keep working past traditional retirement age.

This should be a wake up call for baby boomers as well as the generations that follow. If you do not save for your own retirement you may have to work for life.

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