OK The 7 Day Free Trial Is Over. Now What?

Well, the beginning of 2021has been rather disappointing. I have decided that the 7 day free trial has resulted in my cancelling the subscription.

COVID has continued to be a major issue. Although the vaccine is becoming available the disease continues its rampage. I have not decided if I will take the vaccine, since the scientists do not know the long-term effects.

The political scene continues to be a major issue for all Americans. I personally do not know whom to believe. I think, going forward, I will rely on reading my news. The major media outlets, especially social media are completely unreliable for unbiased news.

Given all this uncertainty Many ‘experts’ are predicting a major correction. However, as we all know the future in unpredictable. There will be a correction, but no one can tell you when and to what extent.

Because the future is unknowable and unpredictable. There will be the lucky ones that get it right. But no one can consistently predict the future. The experts that get it right very seldom repeat.

As an investor, your best course of action to invest in a globally diversified portfolio at the proper risk level for YOU.

Trying to time the market or pick the right styou ocks/investments only adds anxiety to your life. Who needs added anxiety? Especially right now. And over the long term, you will be extremely lucky to beat a globally diversified portfolio.

This required discipline to follow the plan, because there will be times when your portfolio will not perform very well. However, over the long-term you will be successful.

To accomplish this most investors need the guidance of an investor coach/fiduciary advisor.

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