Predicting The Future Is Hard!

There has never been a shortage of predictions in any field. Let alone the financial markets. If you google investments. There are approximately 382,000,000 results.

There is no shortage of Wall Street bullies offering their prediction of the future. Unfortunately, most, if not all of these predictions do not come true. Mostly because predicting the future is really, really, hard.

No individual, committee, or money management company can ever hope to know “everything” about investing.

All the facts, data, statistics and information about stocks and the market are infinite.  They are also ever changing.  The free market system itself is the only mechanism known to effectively incorporate this into a pricing system.

The good news is, if you know the guiding principles of successful investing and work with a coach, you don’t have to know everything just the right things.

One of those things is be successful in investing you need to own equities….globally diversify…rebalance.

As investors we need to ignore all the ‘noise’ the bullies try to sell us. We need to realize these predictions are nothing more than enticements for us to move our money. They will enrich themselves and not you.

Yes, your best interests are secondary to their goals.

Of course, if you wish to speculate then listen away. But investors need a prudent process and discipline.

This is best accomplished with the assistance of an investor coach/fiduciary adviser.


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