Remember the Occupy Wall Street Protest in 2011?

After following the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement I was a bit confused. Were the protesters mad because Wall Street was successful or because they were not.

No system is perfect, however I do not believe any system will succeed long term, if success is punished.

Right now, there are a new group of protests around the country, some very violent. Racial justice is an understandable protest. However, when the protests become riots and property is destroyed, it becomes a national problem.

How does this affect your investments? Well when you combine the protests with the COVID 19 crisis and its effect on our economy as well as the world. The predictions are not good

Initially the COVID 19 crisis caused a historic 6-week crash of over 30%. As of today, we have recovered much of the downturn.

Going forward, the economic impact is really unknown. Because as we all know, consistently predicting the future is really hard.

The power of a free market capitalist system will work things out eventually. Many predictions state that the post-coronavirus world will be different. They are trying to predict which sectors will fail and which will thrive.

If some of you recall the mid to late 1990’s technology bubble. Many tried predicting the ‘right’ sectors, many failed.

The S&P500 and the global equity markets will adjust. Trying to predict specific sectors or markets will lead many to failure. Of course, some will succeed. But that is a gamble and speculation.

There will be downturns in the future, however no one can consistently predict when and how severe.

What you should do is find an investor coach/fiduciary advisor to help you build a prudent portfolio. A portfolio at the right level of risk for you.

Your coach will help you remain disciplined throughout this and all other ‘crisis’ events.

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