Retirement-plan managers push for simplicity

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Providing pension like retirement plan will imrove results and reduce anxiety for you and your employees. The financial services industry has made the 401(k) plan far too complex with poor results.

In the June issue of Smart Businessmagazine, in an article headlined “Easy does it,” Findley Davies Inc., a Toledo-based consulting firm, reminded employers that they have a moral and legal obligation to help their employees retire with financial security.“Unless plan sponsors embrace their responsibilities and take action, they’re going to be bombarded by tough questions from their participants, particularly with respect to the new fee-disclosure regulations coming out soon,” said Kyle Pifher, a principal in Findley Davies and head of the firm’s recently opened Columbus office.

Providing risk adjusted managed accounts to employees and then allowing them to opt out and choose their own mix will improved results. Most employees will remain in the managed account and will see long term performance improve.

Please comment or call to discuss how this would help you and your employees.

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