Slow Down A Little….

As the ‘stay at home’ order continues I am noticing some changes. During my very limited travel, I am noticing people are slowing down. While driving they are no longer is such a rush. Of course, there are exceptions, but for the most part people are slowing down, becoming more patient.

If there is anything good coming out of this its that people are slowing down. Life is slowing down. We are becoming more patient with everyday life. While this may be due to boredom, I believe we are realizing life does not always have to be at full speed plus.

Technology has really, sped things up in our lives. Everything seems to be instantaneous. Perhaps this crisis will slow us down a little. We might realize that we do not need to know everything at all times.

Eventually this crisis will end, and the rebuilding of our economy will begin.

We can learn a lesson in our investing lives. Many of us have used technology to be continuously connected to the markets. Reacting to short term volatility with emotion and not logic. Many of us have become gamblers/speculators without even realizing it. We want instantaneous results.

Real investing involves developing a prudent portfolio and sticking to your plan. Regardless of short-term volatility. Patience and slowing down need to rule our financial lives.

In the meantime, stay home and stay safe!! This crisis will end before you know it! Hopefully we will learn our lesson. Slow Down!

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