Small business owners are unprepared for retirement

A disciplined savings and investing strategy is much easier than most small business owners believe. By installing a retirement plan for themselves and their employees they will save in taxes and help their employees. The benefit to employees will result in increased loyalty and satisfaction.

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“The lack of retirement planning by so many people is stunning, especially since business owners have no one else to rely on when it comes to putting their retirement plans in place,” says Mary Quist-Newins, director of the State Farm Center for Women and Financial Services at The American College. “When you consider that the mean age of our respondents is just over 50 you have to wonder, ‘What are these individuals waiting for?’ Retirement will be upon them before they know it. Small businessowners need to start preparing for retirement now.”Even for the small business owners who have calculated their retirement goals, most do not have a formal plan to achieve their financial objectives. Among the small business owners surveyed, 77% of the women and 74% of the men have no written plan for retirement.

Small business owners are far too busy running their business to take the time to properly plan and execute a strategy to successfully retire. Many wait until three years or less before retirement to plan. Others believe they will sell their business to fund their retirement. This lack of planning forces many to make decisions they would not ordinarily do.

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