What To Do?

WOW! What was once an equity market doing nothing but go up. Are now doing nothing but go down.

In my opinion, this situation is different than the 2008-9 crisis. In that the 2008-9 crisis was due to a complete financial system breakdown. Today the volatility is due to the coronavirus or COVID 19. This is a very serious situation. However, I believe it will resolve itself. When, I do not know.

What I do know it that now is NOT the time to panic. Selling now will do nothing but lock in your losses.

What I did learn during this current crisis is that I can live without sports on TV. The opinion of sports stars means nothing to me. The opinion of famous stars means nothing to me.

What does mean something to me is that we must be able to control our emotions to be successful investors.

Today’s message will be short because you have other things to consider. Like, will I have enough toilet paper? Stay Safe and believe the future will improve.

Almost forgot. Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!

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