Where Can Clients Afford To Retire?

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This decision cannot be taken lightly.

Deciding where to retire may very well be one of the most important decisions clients make as they approach retirement. Remaining in their current high-cost community may be too great a price to pay for those with limited retirement assets or limited retirement income. No retiree wants to be dependent upon family assistance, which typically means relying on their children, and no parent wants to disrupt the lives of their children. So making the right decision where to retire may be one of the most important decisions you make for you and your loved ones.Following is a listing of the top ten cheapest places to retire in the U.S., based on our ranking:
1.   Gregory, Texas
2.   Holly Hill, Florida
3.   Long Beach, Mississippi
4.   Ingleside, Texas
5.   Pembroke Park, Florida
6.   Margate, Florida
7.   Largo, Florida
8.   La Porte, Texas
9.   Port St. Joe, Florida
10.  San Benito, Texas

This is a sensitive subject which requires conversations with loved ones and expert advice should be sought.

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