Who Has The Answers?

The coronavirus continues to be hotly debated. Everyone is looking for answers. What we are getting are opinions and guesses. Because no one has a definitive answer. The Wisconsin Governor has tried to lock down the entire state for an extended period. Many business owners and citizens want to open the state up.

On one side they believe, for everyone’s safety, we must shut down. On the other they believe the economic effects much more deadly. Where do you stand?

Do you believe the coronavirus will recur on an annual basis? Will there be a vaccine developed? Will the virus evolve each year, like the flu? Must we learn to live with the coronavirus, like the flu?

What we don’t have are answers as to what is the best thing to do. Most of the past predictions have proven to be incorrect. What to do?

This crisis is very dangerous, but we have dangers ever day. I read a statistic that if a person lives their entire life in a major U.S. city. They have a better chance of a violent death, than a soldier in World War 2.

What we have is a number of competing predictions. With no answer.

On the other hand, investing has a number of competing predictions. With an answer. The answer is own equities along with the right amount for high quality short term fixed income, globally diversify and rebalance.

The competing predictions come from the Wall Street bullies. These bullies want you moving your money with any ‘new’ prediction. Avoid this trap.

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